neighborhood watch captains needed

26 Jan 2015 - News

As part of a continuing effort to keep Oakhurst a safe place to live, The Public Safety Program needs your help. Currently we only have just over 68% of the areas represented with Neighborhood Watch Captains. We have several openings in the newly established Auburn Trails as well as other in the older established Oakhurst. Being a Captain is easy:

  • meet and get to know your neighbors
  • set up a broadcast email list for you section
  • attend quarterly meetings to discuss current needs, training or problems as you see them
  • invite more neighbors to attend Crime Watch Meetings/Training
  • call the Sheriff’s Department to report suspicious activities
  • encourage neighbors to attend the annual National Night Out and meet even more neighbors

It’s just that easy. As Public Safety Chairman, I will show you how to set up and follow through on all steps of this program. All you need to do is be a concerned resident of Oakhurst of Kingwood and contact me, Butch Hagey at

i spy with my little eye

19 Jan 2015 - News

Have you ever seen a suspicious activity, a streetlight not working or something out of the ordinary at your neighbor’s house while they’re not at home? Maybe vandalism to community property, a broken sprinkler, missing or damaged street signs? When residents of the community communicate issues such as these, they can be investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

There are a variety of ways to report these different situations that are available on the Oakhurst Community Association website:

The Oakhurst at Kingwood website and newsletter makes sure you have contact information from emergency to utility services.

The more vigilant eyes we have, the safer and happier our community can be! Thanks for your help in making Oakhurst a great place to live.

filling the road divots

15 Jan 2015 - News

As you all know, our community is growing. This also means the traffic on our streets is growing. This growth coupled with the often brutal sun and torrential downpours that make living in Southeast Texas both a joy and a challenge can put a strain on the materials with which the roadways were originally built.

The Association Board works closely with our MUD districts (the districts are part of the original developer installation process) to proactively ensure the roads are not just patched or filled, but that they maintain their aesthetic appeal.

You may have noticed several potholes throughout the community of late. They are being assessed by MUD districts who are working with the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner’s office to determine cost and to see if the county will fund the repairs. The final solution may take approximately 3+ months to complete. A temporary solution was applied on the 13th of January.

If you see any remaining issues with the roadway, please contact the county commissioner’s office so that they can work with county engineers to ensure the roads are repaired to our community’s standards.

recycling moves to tuesday

14 Jan 2015 - News

Our community recycling efforts have been such a huge success, Waste Management needs additional collection trucks to service our neighborhood. Beginning Tuesday, February 3rd 2015, Waste Management will alter our recycle pick up date from Friday to Tuesday.

For 2014, Oakhurst residents averaged 25 pounds of recycling material per household diverting almost 11% of our total refuse from landfills. That is an outstanding number and Oakhurst is up for the challenge in 2015 to drive those numbers higher.

Waste Management is using automated trucks to reduce manpower and speed up the collection process. It is important to remember the recycling container lid has to close so the automated trucks can pick it up. If your recycling does not fit in the container provided (with the lid closed), the collection vehicle may be unable to collect it. Collapse or cut down large boxes so that everything fits in the container.

For more information on acceptable items for recycling, please see the Recycling info Flyer.

You can also visit Think Green for information about the products produced from recycling efforts.

General Trash Collection information:

  • Trash and Recycle receptacles are collected at the curb.

  • One trash receptacle with the identifying WM tag must be present with any additional containers at the curb. Be sure that only the current sticker is visible at any given time. Trash bags without a properly stickered trash receptacle will not be picked up.

  • Receptacles must be at the curb for collection by 7:00 a.m. on the day of pick up (Tuesday/Friday).

  • Receptacles over 45 gallons must have all trash bagged. Collection is limited to ten (10) bags, bundles or containers per service day.

  • Bundled branches and tree trimmings should be no greater than 3” in diameter; be cut, tied and bundled in 4’ lengths; weighing no more than 40-50lbs. Yard waste collection is limited to 5 bags, bundles or containers per service day.

  • Your trash service is not paid by your annual association dues, nor through payment of any utilities or property tax bills. Payments are made directly to Waste Management for trash/recycling services.

facility bands: what do i do with them after summer

01 Jan 2015 - News

We all know Facility Bands (formerly known as pool tags) are required to enter the Pool and Splashpad facilities. But do we need them after the summer is over?

In 2014, your association board heard the request from residents and our neighborhood watch volunteers about the need to easily distinguish non-members using association facilities. Along came Facility Bands to the rescue…

The Board encourages all residents to wear the bands when utilizing association facilities (parks, basketball court, etc.). It assists you and our security team in easily identifying the presence of non-association members using those facilities. The New Year also brings new events, exclusive to the Oakhurst at Kingwood Community. These events will require you to wear the Facility Band to attend. Included in these events are the monthly homeowner’s classes and Memorial Day Barbeque cooking class.

So after the pool season is over, don’t throw them away! If you no longer have your 2014 Facility Band, bring a photo ID to any association-sponsored event prior to the 2015 bands being issued.

Facility Bands are renewed annually (generally issued near the beginning of May) and there is no fee for the first 4 bands per household. After the 4th band, there is a fee of $10.00 per band. Replacement bands are also $10.00 each. Children under 3 are not required to have a band. Residents with a band are allowed one guest each, unless events or classes are otherwise designated as resident only.

Bands can be obtained at the Community Asset Management office located at 9802 FM 1960 Bypass W, #210, during normal business hours.

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