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Overnight Parking Detailed...


Based on numerous member complaints, the Association amended the overnight parking deed restriction in 2010 to include a fine for habitual violations. As with all other deed restrictions, State laws requires the association to allow members 30-days from the receipt of a deed violation notice to correct the violation. However changes to the laws that will go into effect in 2016 will allow Home Owner Associations to assess fines for violations without the 30-day notification for special circumstances, like overnight parking.

Currently, State law dictates after three violation notices, an association can assess a fine for the violation and seek judgement through a civil proceeding in front of a magistrate.

Current parking overnight on street: Section IX Article 21 of deed restrictions, enforcement

  • First Violation - a letter is sent to the member
  • Second Violation (30 days from first letter) - second violation letter is sent
  • Third Violation: (60 Days from first letter) - third violation letter is sent
  • Fourth Violation: (90 Days from first letter) - demand letter is sent from attorney
  • Levy of fine: (120 days from first letter) - letter indicating a fine has been assessed to the member's account

Should a court proceeding be needed, the HOA is generally award all court and attorney’s fees upon judgement.

To report an overnight parking violation:

The process starts when a resident witnesses the violation and contacts the management company or the board. Our security patrol is alerted to the parking violation and confirms the information by placing a notice on the vehicle that it is violating the overnight parking deed restriction. A copy of the notice is sent to the management company, at which time the enforcement process is begins.

While the issue may not be corrected as quickly as one may want, the association is dedicated to ensuring complaints are handled as our restrictions and State law dictate.


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posted on 01 Oct 2015

Happy Trails to You...


As the holiday season approaches and the school year takes a long break in December, many of us start planning family vacations, road trips, and visits with family. If you’ll be spending extended time away from your home, consider reviewing your safety practices and drawing up a checklist of improvements to keep your property safe while you are away. When you close the door behind you on that first day, your thoughts will be about holiday joys, not the safety of your property. Visit our vacation safety page for detailed information.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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posted on 01 Oct 2015

Mulligans Allowed...


We are very fortunate to be a master planned golf course community. Golf course communities tend to be quieter and retain higher property values than other communities. The Oakhurst Golf Club provides support for Oakhurst and all that is asked in return is to treat the golf course property with the same respect we treat our next door neighbor’s property.

David Preisler (Oakhurst Golf Club owner and Oakhurst at Kingwood resident) and his staff’s support is unwavering. It is important for all residents to understand that the golf club is a business and as such it has responsibilities to its members. One of the responsibilities is to ensure the safety of not only the members and property but also the public. With this in mind it is important to understand that cart paths and the golf course are private property. Walking on the cart paths while people are playing golf is not only trespassing but extremely dangerous--as golf balls travel at high rates of speed. Even night time strolls can be dangerous as golf courses are not lit and the cart paths are not maintained for pedestrians.

The golf course is interested in keeping its property aesthetically pleasing for its customers. While the areas often look great, the grasses quickly become damaged by dog urine and the high amount of nitrogen the urine contains. Another factor greatly affecting the course is illegal dumping. Unfortunately it has become a more common practice to dump trash or charcoal ash over a fence onto the course than disposing of it properly.  Even more unsettling has been the damage done by some residents who venture onto golf course property and removed trees, underbrush and shrubs--all part of the planned course.

The Oakhurst Golf Club is one of our community’s closest partners.  Their generosity extends to providing resources for our community events and meetings.  This partnership has been a value that cannot be measured.

The association hopes everyone is proud of our community. Respecting these great partnerships help us all maintain that community feel.

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posted on 01 Oct 2015

annual garage sale...


Saturday, October 10, 2015, starting at 7 a.m.
Mark your calendars and get ready to sell! 

Sellers, here is the info you need to know.

Annually, more than 200 homes have participated and 10,000+ people have shopped!  Based on participation there is no need to sign-up in advance. If you want to sell, please do.

The community association will advertise the annual garage sale with local media and put up signs around the neighborhood. 
On the day of the sale, simply put balloons in front of your house to attract shoppers and let them know you're open for business.

There will be no donation pick up at The Lodge this year. If you have items to that need to be donated, contact your preferred charity for pick-up at your residence or where you can take the items to be donated.

Visit our Garage Sale Information page for helpful tips!

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posted on 16 Sep 2015

National Night Out...


The Public Safety Committee invites you to National Night Out on Tuesday, October 6th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Enjoy a great evening out on the best back porch in Oakhurst, as you enjoy a burger basket and meet new neighbors, all while overlooking the 18th green at the Oakhurst Golf Club.

The focus of the event is neighborhood safety, so come learn how to make your home a safe place to live.  The event will also give you a chance to meet your neighborhood watch chair, along with some of our security team members.

The burger basket with all the trimmings is $6.95 and includes iced tea or a soft drink.  Your association will provide draft beer for adult residents.  We had 200+ last year, so come out and make a new friend at this neighborhood safety event!

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posted on 16 Sep 2015

Labor day Success...


Our first event with perfect weather as residents joined in celebration of the American worker. Photos from the event are posted on the Community Events page.

We appreciate everyone’s participation from our volunteers to those of you who took the time to celebrate with us.

We hope to see you next year!

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posted on 16 Sep 2015 and windows 10


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posted on 15 Sep 2015

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Saturday, October 10th 2015

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