ARC Guideline Proposal:


The board wants your input. Review changes proposed to the landscape section of the ARC Guidelines and give us your feedback or comments by September 14th.

These changes are not in effect yet. We will take your comments into consideration for the final edits to this document. Announcements will be made when they the ARC Guidelines once the final version has been approved.

Send comments to

Proposed ARC Guideline Changes

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posted on 15 Aug 2015

Labor Day Celebration


Join your neighbors at the annual Labor Day Celebration!
September 5th, 2015 from 11:30am to 1:30pm

The Community Events Committee will provide free hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy.

The pool will be open so come join the festivities and fun.

Bring your facility band, newsletter address page or evite for entry.

Limited parking…Walk, bike or stroll to The Lodge!

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posted on 15 Aug 2015

Scoop the Poop: It's the neighborly thing to do!


Pet waste is a subject everyone likes to avoid.  It is much more than smelly and unsightly--pet waste is a health risk to other pets and people, especially children.

When it rains pet waste can wash into the nearest waterway or storm drain and travel to local waterways untreated. Pet waste increases the amount of nitrogen in water which makes it unsuitable for water plants and fish to survive. Nuisance algae growth is accelerated by the nutrients it contains. Harmful bacteria and viruses that are threat to people can also be found in pet waste.

It takes only one teaspoon of dog feces in an Olympic swimming pool-sized body of water to make the water unsafe for swimming.

So please, carry waste bags and scoop the poop -- it's the healthy and neighborly thing to do!

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posted on 15 Aug 2015

Reserve Funds: Why Do We Need Them...


Equipment and major components (like the roofs) must be replaced from time-to-time, regardless of whether we plan for the expense. In Oakhurst, we prefer to plan and set the funds aside now. Reserve funds are not an extra expense—they help spread out expenses more evenly. Other important reasons we put association monies into reserves every month include:

  • Reserve funds meet legal, fiduciary, and professional requirements. A reserve fund may be required by: 
    • Any secondary mortgage market in which the association participates (e.g., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA).
    • State statutes, regulations, or court decisions.
  • They provide for major repairs and planned future replacements of common area structures (parks, pools, clubhouse, etc.).
  • They minimize the need for special assessments or borrowing.
  • They enhance resale values. Lenders and real estate agents are aware of the ramifications for new buyers if association reserves are inadequate.

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posted on 15 Aug 2015

Home Owner Forum Guidelines...


Residents are encouraged to attend and observe association board meetings. If you’d like to bring an issue to the board’s attention, you’re welcome to speak during the homeowner forum—a time set aside just for you. So that everyone who attends has an opportunity for a meaningful exchange with the board, we ask that you observe the following guidelines:

  • Although we’re all neighbors, this is a corporate business meeting. Please behave accordingly.
  • If you’d like to address the board, please email in advance or indicate such when you sign in upon arrival. You will be called in the order you emailed or arrived. This allows the board to contact you if we need further information and to report back to you with an answer.
  • The homeowner forum is an exchange of ideas, not a gripe session. If you’re bringing a problem to our attention, we’d like to hear your ideas for a solution as well. It is important to talk about the issue and not a specific person.
  • To keep the meeting businesslike, please refrain from speaking if you’re particularly upset about an issue. Consider speaking later, speaking privately with a board member, or putting your concerns in writing and emailing them to the board at
  • Only one person may speak at a time. Please respect others’ opinions by remaining silent when someone else has the floor.
  • Each person will be allowed to speak no more than three (3) minutes. Please respect the volunteers’ time by limiting your remarks.
  • If you need more than three (3) minutes, please put your comments in writing. Include background information, causes, circumstances, desired solutions and other considerations you believe are important.

We may not be able to resolve your concerns on the spot, and we will not argue or debate an issue with you during the homeowner forum. We usually need to discuss and vote on issues first. But we will answer you before—or at—the next board meeting. 

If you have concerns but are unable to attend a meeting, please submit your concern via email to the board at

We want to hear from you!

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posted on 10 Aug 2015

Know the Rules...


Have you checked out the association’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) document? If not, now’s a great time to brush up on the do’s and don’ts of our community.
For those of you who were unaware, CC&Rs play a crucial role in keeping the association running smoothly and ensuring all association members are treated fairly and equally. They are legally binding rules and regulations each homeowner agrees to when purchasing a home within our community. If members rent their homes, it’s the member’s responsibility to ensure their renters are aware of and abide by our association's bylaws.

CC&Rs include stipulations on annual and special assessments, building design and additions, and the governance of the association. All residents need to understand these rules so they don’t unintentionally violate them.  Association members can be fined and—in extreme cases—sued for violating the CC&Rs. Members are empowered when they understand the rules and the procedures for changing or amending those rules.
So don’t be left in the dark—check out the association’s CC&Rs today!
Oakhurst at Kingwood CC&R’s
C.A.M. – Community Asset Management

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posted on 01 Aug 2015

EMCID Scholarship Program...


The East Montgomery County Scholarship Foundation (EMCSF), a non-profit subsidiary of EMCID, was created to promote the economic, social and cultural development of the area through education.

East Montgomery County Improvement District (EMCID) has set aside $600,000 in scholarship money for the 2014-2015 school year for deserving students to help them attain their educational goals!
The Foundation makes two scholarships available:

  • $1000 scholarship for all graduates of New Caney, Porter or Splendora High Schools; those within EMCID's boundaries who have been home-schooled or received a GED certificate.
  • $500 merit-based scholarship for current college students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership and service, and financial need and plan to continue their college education.

To complete the scholarship application, visit

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posted on 01 Aug 2015

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