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Oakhurst HOA

  • Do I have to be a member of the HOA?
    Membership is not optional. Each homeowner becomes member of the Association as a condition of ownership within the community.
  • How do I report a Deed Retriction Violation?
    Please use the Contact Us area to report deed restriction violations to the Board or Management company.
    Include the type of violation, address and photos if you have taken them.
  • There is an easment on my property, is it my responsibility?
    Yes.  An easement is an area typically dedicated to current or future use by utilities.  While they guarantee ingress and egress by the utility company, they are still part of your property and must be maintained by the owner of the property without restricting availability to the utility company.
  • What are Deed Restrictions?
    Deed restrictions are written into a propertys deed and can take the form of conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC&R). Deed restrictions are developed to ensure uniformity between your property and neighboring properties.  Deed restrictions for Oakhurst are available under the tab Document Library.
  • What are the assessments used for?
    Annual Association Member dues are used to pay for operating expenses, amenities, events, publications and other services needed to maintain the community.  A copy of the Association's current operating budget is available for review under the Document Library.
  • What is a Homeowners Association?
    A homeowners association (HOA) is a corporation formed by a developer for the purpose of managing homes and lots in a residential subdivision.
  • Who is responsible for Security Patrol?
    The community is patrolled by the Montgomery Sheriffs department and Constables. The Association also contracts law enforcement officers for extra patrol in the Oakhurst Subdivision. . If you need an officer for a non emergency, you should call Montgomery Sheriff dispatch at (936)760-5800 option 3. 
    For emergencies, you should dial 911.