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ARC Request Forms  Once your request form is completed, it should be mailed or delivered to the Management Company at:  Community Asset Management, 9802 F.M.1960 W, Suite 210, Humble, Texas 77338
To expedite review, submittals must be made by the homeowner and provide sufficient information as to describe the proposed work and to allow proper review by the Committee. Specific requirements and guidelines for improvements within Oakhurst are available on the resources page. The applicant should attach additional information to this application as needed to provide the required information.
The ARC reserves the right to request additional supporting documentation.  However in general, submittals should be accompanied by the following:
House/Garage Addition or Modification including Patio Covers or Pergolas
All improvements must be shown on a plot plan showing location of easements, existing building and structures, the proposed location of the improvement, and applicable building setback lines. Construction/integration diagrams must be provided with dimensions, materials of construction and proposed colors.
Paint projects should include color samples for all colors involved. Applicant should indicate proposed colors for different parts of the structure (main siding, trim, etc.)
Include a plot plan showing proposed location of pool, surrounding patio/deck and pool equipment and relationship to easements and building setbacks. Drawings must be provided with a description of materials and colors.
Drawings must be provided to show plan dimensions and elevation of fence or gate as well as location relative to easements and property lines. Provide a description of materials and colors to be used.
Regarding additional stand alone structures (gazebo, pergola, storage building)
Include an elevation drawing showing the dimensions of the structure, especially the height. Provide a plot plan showing location of the proposed structure on the lot as well as materials of construction and proposed colors.
Emergency Generator
Include description of the equipment proposed to be installed. Provide a plot plan showing location of the proposed structure on the lot as well as materials of construction and proposed colors.
Swing sets / Play sets
Include an elevation drawing or photo showing the dimensions of the structure, especially the height. Provide a plot plan showing location of the proposed structure on the lot as well as materials of construction and proposed colors.
Filling Out the Form       ARC Request Form
Homeowner Name: The name of the person who is the deeded homeowner.
This should not be a third party unless a power of attorney is on record or it is the administrator of the trust to which the property is deeded.
Address: The physical address of the property where the exterior modifications will be located.
Telephone Number: A current contact number where the homeowner can be reached.
Section, Block and Lot: This information can be found on:
Mortgage paperwork (original plot plan)
Tax bill from the county  www.mctx.org
Tax records search for the county
Description of modification: This is a brief description of the modification you are seeking to make and is limited to 250 characters.
Name of Contractor: While not necessary, it is recommended that any structural or grade changes to the structure or property be performed by a trained and licensed professional.
Contractor Phone Number: Current contact number for the contractor performing the modification requested.
Contractor Address: Current mailing address for the contractor performing the modification requested
Proposed Start Date: Must be within 90 days from the date the request is submitted.
Proposed Completion Date: Must be no more than 120 days from the date the modification is proposed to start.
Signatures: The completed form must be printed and signed by the deeded property owner and the contractor (if any) before the form is mailed to the management company listed at the top of the form.
Submitting the Form
Once the request form is filled out it should be mailed to the management company. Your completed request should include:
The completed request for review.
Detailed plans of the modification with exact measurements.
Elevation plan with color layout.
Detailed materials list.
Detailed description of modification.
Note: If you desire a copy of the approved plans, please submit an extra set for review. The principal copy of all submitted plans will be retained by the Homeowners Association.
“Measure Twice, Cut Once”
A useful pearl of construction wisdom that applies to any modification request
Plan your project, then check it against the architectural guidelines
The same guidelines the committee uses to evaluate your project are available to you. Check your plan and if you find it questionable, so will the committee.
Have a professional survey and draw your plans.
While you may have some experience with drawing plans, it is best to let a professional give you plans to submit. It is very easy to overlook a detail that could be the difference between approval and denial.
Don’t look for ways to cut corners.
Remember this is your home and cutting corners could be disastrous.
Send your request packet by certified mail.
This takes the guess work out of when it was received at the management offices.
Be ready to start.
Have a plan in place to be ready to go as soon as the modification is approved. It is important to remember the plan as you do not want to make big down payments or purchase material in the event the project is not approved.