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Oakhurst HOA

In an effort to more efficiently attend to the needs of the Oakhurst Community Association, its Board of Directors will annually review the community’s committee needs and appoint chairs to each of the constituted committees.
At the January regular Board of Directors meeting, committees will be constituted and chairs will be appointed by the Board for a term of twelve months.
The number and type of committees could vary annually based on the association’s needs. Committees serve in an advisory capacity to the Board, except for the Architectural Review Committee which has decision-making authority derived from the association’s governing documents.
Two types of committees:
Standing committees, such as architectural review committee and the election committee, remain in operation indefinitely and are required by the covenants and State of Texas statutes.
Ad-hoc committees are typically task-oriented and disband when their goals have been achieved.
The Board has developed charters for each committee to clearly articulate guidelines for their structure, function, responsibilities, limitations and term limits. Charters will be reviewed annually to ensure they remain in line with the Board’s vision.
If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering on any of the committees, please select the committee you are interested in below and fill out your contact information.
Architectural Review Committee
(Board Liaison - Frank Marchhart)
The Architectural Review Committee is commissioned by and reports to the Oakhurst Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for reviewing all architectural application change requests, maintaining the association’s deed restriction guidelines and advising the board on association deed restriction guideline modifications.
The committee also maintains the Association’s Architectural Review Guidelines and provides enhancement recommendations to the Oakhurst Board of Directors at regular board meetings.
The committee will work with the management company to coordinate timely processing of architectural review applications. It will maintain and draft updates to the deed restriction guideline document. The committee will maintain a log of new pool construction approvals and provide those to the appropriate MUDs. The committee will review and monitor approved projects to ensure the work completed was approved by the committee. Distribute and retrieve yard signs to members whose projects have been approved. The committee will advise the board at member variance meetings.
Communications Committee
(Board Liaison Tammie Moore)
The Communications Committee is commissioned by and reports to the Oakhurst Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for advising the Board on association communication needs and creation of community messaging through the various board-approved communication channels.
The committee will work with all other Oakhurst committees to determine messaging needs and coordinate timely distribution of communication, once approved by the Board. It will manage and maintain the oakhurstonline.org website to ensure the association has a visually pleasing, navigable digital presence for its official communications.
The committee will also utilize the community’s two informational signs (Rock Creek Dr and Auburn Fields Dr) to disseminate timely messaging.
The committee will produce the association’s newsletter on a coordinated schedule approved by the Board. The committee shall maintain the association membership mailing list and coordinate updates with the management company. It will coordinate and maintain the association’s online meeting calendar. The committee is the gatekeeper for the association’s branding and form creation.
The Communications Committee will submit annually in October budget recommendations for the next fiscal year.
Community Events Committee
(Board Liaison Tammie Moore)
The Community Events Committee is commissioned by and reports to the Oakhurst Board of Directors to improve the Association’s sense of “Community” for its membership.
The Community Events Committee will plan and host community-wide events that bring the membership together within the budget allotted by the Oakhurst Board of Directors. The committee will work with the Communication Committee to announce upcoming events to the membership and recruit volunteers assist with event duties.
The Community Events Committee will submit annually in October budget recommendations for the next fiscal year.
Landscape Committee
(Board Liaison - Laura D'Antoni)
The Landscape Committee works with the landscape service provider to ensure irrigation (reports and usage), seasonal color changes, repairs and maintenance are addressed in a timely manner.  The committee also provides recommendations for additional maintenance & improvements in landscaping to the Association Board.  The Association contracts with a commercial horticultural management services provider who provides landscape management, seasonal color changes, landscape construction, and irrigation management.  The committee reviews bi-annual landscape color change options and provides those options to the landscape service provider annually.
Irrigation Issues
See water leaking or a sprinkler running when it shouldn't on Association common area property?
Contact the Association management company (Spectrum Association Management) at 
Pool, Parks and Lighting Committee
(Board Liaison - Laura D'Antoni)
The Pool is commissioned by and reports to the Oakhurst Board of Directors in order to ensure the Association’s pool and splash pad facilities are safe and well maintained for the benefit of its membership.
The Pool Committee is responsible for ensuring contracted vendors meet their contracted obligations to the Association, ensure splash pad/pool facilities are safely maintained, coordinate annual distribution of facility bands, recommend signage for each facility and recommend replacement facility furniture.
The Pool Committee will submit annually in October budget recommendations for the next fiscal year.
The Parks & Lighting segment of this committee is also commissioned by and reports to the Oakhurst Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for advising the Board on matters pertaining to common area parks, playgrounds as well as public lighting within the Oakhurst community.
The Parks & Lighting Committee members shall regularly inspect all playgrounds, park equipment for damage and/or needed repair/maintenance at least quarterly. The committee shall inspect all non-operational monument lighting and street lights. The committee shall report all maintenance findings to the Board and Association Management Company. In the case of street lighting maintenance, the committee chair shall report issues to Entergy, or the current service provider.
Enhancement and maintenance recommendations shall be submitted to the Board for consideration regularly.
The Parks & Lighting Committee will submit annually in October budget recommendations for the next fiscal year.
Oakhurst Pool Facilities
The Oakhurst Pool facilities consist of:
The Lodge: an adult pool with attached kiddie pool, kiddie water feature and water slides. Lounge chairs, tables with umbrellas and shaded areas surround the pool deck. Public restrooms available.
The Auburn Trails Splashpad: a splashpad for the kids (toddler through middle school) with a manual on/off switch. Entry to this facility is through a coded pedestrian gate. The code to the gate will be given out with facility band distribution. Public restrooms are available through a coded pedestrian gate.
Pool Services
The Association annually contracts with a pool facility vendor who is responsible for the pool/splashpad operations. Included in the annual contract are lifeguards, pool/splashpad cleaning, pool chemicals, equipment maintenance, cleaning & maintaining restrooms, chemical storage area, & pump room maintenance.
Facility Bands
Use of facility bands by our Association members is encouraged throughout the entire year, as this ensures only our members gain access to Association common area facilities.  Individuals on Association property without facility bands will  be asked by the Association’s security team to leave the premises. Facility band colors change annually to ensure member security.
Bands are distributed at The Lodge by our on-site Spectrum Association Management representative, Jennifer Sandlin.  The Lodge hours during which these bands may be acquired is noted below.
On-site Lodge hours:
Monday, 2 pm - 6 pm
Tuesday, 9 am - 1 pm
Wednesday. 2 pm - 6 pm
Thursday, 9 am - 12 pm
Friday, 9 am - 1 pm
Public Safety Committee
(Board Liaison - Butch Hagey)
The Public Safety Committee is commissioned by and reports to the Oakhurst Board of Directors to coordinate safety education and information to the membership.
The Public Safety Committee is responsible for collecting and maintaining neighborhood watch member information for the purpose of providing immediate security bulletins to improve safety of the membership. The committee, through its Block Captains, supports our neighborhood watch program which provides membership with safety training/information as directed by the committee chair and the Association’s Security Patrol. The committee makes recommendations on additional security needs for our community to the Board.
The Public Safety Committee will submit annually in October budget recommendations for the next fiscal year.
Reporting Incidents
What to report and who to report it to.
In progress crimes:
A criminal act is being committed within your presence or view.
Someone is in immediate danger of serious bodily injury or death.
Suspicious activity, person or vehicle:
There are unfamiliar people or cars in the area and they may or may not be committing a crime. Use this terminology when reporting unwanted solicitors.
Non-emergency reporting: (936) 760-5800, option 3
Having a Block Party
One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to meet your neighbors is by throwing a block party. When neighbors pitch in, the result is a light workload for the organizers that’s as enjoyable to put together as it is to attend. Our Texas weather is not ideal for July or August outdoor events, so block parties during the fall are good alternatives. We’ve collected some great ideas from our Oakhurst neighbors to help you get started.
Make a plan: Decide if your block party is going to have a theme and what types of food you are going to serve. Make a list to ensure you are not forgetting anything.
Decide on a location: Contact the public safety chair or your neighborhood watch block captain to help coordinate a suitable location and a police presence if needed.
Put the word out: Your Neighborhood Watch captain has contact information for most of your neighbors. As official community representatives, captains want to meet each neighbor in their zone, and this is an excellent opportunity to approach each household about a positive, friendly event.
Share the workload: Speak with your neighbors and get volunteers to help you coordinate the block party. Doing it all yourself can take the joy out of the event.
Keep a record: As you speak to neighbors about attending or volunteering, keep a record of who is bringing what food items and supplies or if they are interested in setting up or cleaning up. This will help you stay organized and know that you have plenty of help and keep you from ending up with 12 of the same side dishes.
Remember, block parties are casual events for homeowners who may have just one thing in common – the neighborhood. Have fun and talk with your neighbors.
Oakhurst Vacation Watch is a Service provided by our local Patrol.  Please complete and submit a Vacation watch form to the links below.  Our contracted security patrol and the entities below will add extra security watch for your home.